Giancarlo Iliprandi

Ricerca e/o sperimentazione

Conversation with Gillo Dorfles - with an essay by Giovanni Anceschi


Starting from Giancarlo Iliprandi’s researches about lettering in the 70s, Iliprandi himself and Gillo Dorfles design a personal outline of contemporary graphic design from a cultural, historical, economic and aesthetic point of view. The lack of research and experimentation in contemporary visual communication is the central subject of this non-academic conversation between the two masters, who underline the importance of graphic vanguard for creating the visual concepts of our world. Tradition and innovation, contents and market are some of the dialectic terms used by Iliprandi and Dorfles in order to define conceptual oppositions in Italian post-war-graphics, sometimes violent and sometimes reflective. This book is a possible course among formal and design exercises of a protagonist of this scene.

The book includes a foreword by Giovanni Anceschi and an Iliprandi’s interview of 1971/72, which accompanied a silkprint folder ordered by Felice Nava which however has never been produced.

isbn:  9788875702144

Curator:  Alexia Rizzi

Languages:  Italian

Binding:  paperback

Pages:  80

Width:  24

Height:  30

Edition:  2009


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