Milton Glaser, Shirley Glaser

Se le mele avessero i denti


If snakes were salted, if mushrooms were hairy, if the snail was a postman, if a rhinoceros wore a sweater… What would happen?

A playful book on language and the relationship between words and images: what happens when you have fun following the “logic” of the most absurd statements, in an entertaining game of rhymes and bizarre reasoning? A silly, surreal and brilliant graphic book that reminds us that art, poetry and stories are born when we start to imagine what does not yet exist. 

Se le mele avessero i denti (If Apples had Teeth), originally published in 1960 and now translated into Italian for the first time, was the first children’s book created by Milton Glaser, one of the great American graphic designers of the twentieth century, in collaboration with his wife, Shirley Glaser. Initially a game between the two newly weds as they travelled across Europe by train at the end of the fifties, this picture book is now a splendid example of intelligence, creativity and nonsense. 

isbn:  9788875706319

Languages:  Italian

Binding:  hardcover

Pages:  28

Width:  17

Height:  21,5

Edition:  2017