Noemi Vola

Se piangi come una fontana


Can we cry better than we usually do? If when despair assails you, you cannot contain your copious tears, this is the right book for you!

Think about it for a moment: if you cry into a pot until it's full, you can just turn on the stove and throw in the pasta when the tears boil (and without even salting the water!), if you cry in the spring you can help your flowers bloom, if you cry until you fill the bathtub you can give your dog a good bath... And remember that crying in company is better and that tears are a universal language! Wherever you find yourself crying, even if it is on the moon, everyone will understand you! That is perhaps why everyone actually cries: kings, frogs, clouds, peas, superheroes, stars, dogs...

Noemi Vola returns with her wonderful imagery, full of earthworms, aliens, flowers and plants, and horses to tell us a story that will distract us with laughter from our tears and that works for all kinds of tearful despair.
Inflate your pool and get ready to cry like fountains!


isbn:  9791254930335

Languages:  Italian

Binding:  hardcover

Pages:  44

Width:  19

Height:  28

Edition:  2023


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