Enzo Mari


L'altalena - Balançoire - Die wippe


See-saw can be either a book, a game or an entertaining strip to hang up.

The concertina-fold pages are full of black and brown stylised animals that chase one another, overlap, leap with their “heavy bodies” onto the ends of the simplest of swings trying to keep their balance.

A brightly coloured red and green cover envelops cumbersome elephants, sinuous snakes and statuesque kangaroos. The book does not have words and speaks conceptually to children of quantity, shapes, weight and balance.

The first ideas for this book (the limited edition) date from 1961.

isbn:  9788887942231

Languages:  No text

Binding:  concertina fold

Pages:  26

Width:  17

Height:  24

Edition:  2001

Reprint:  sixth


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