Martí Guixé

Selfie Book


Before the selfie there was the self-portrait: in his new book Martí Guixé invites us to go back to our origins and discover the many different ways of depicting our faces, forgetting about our smartphone's camera at least for a while.

A mirror, a pencil, a good dose of a spirit of observation and a copy of Selfie Book: that's all you need to start creating a very personal gallery of analogue selfies. For each self-portrait the book provides a page to do some proofs and the opposite page to create the actual drawing, with a reference point for the nose in order to facilitate things; there is room to draw all the details you want, without forgetting the backdrop that will change with you from time to time.

Selfie Book is an original way to record our own changes and to capture the moments we want to remember, but it is also an invitation to see ourselves with different eyes, taking the time we need to observe (and appreciate) our own peculiarities.

isbn:  9788875707729

Languages:  No text

Binding:  stitched binding

Pages:  28

Width:  21

Height:  27

Edition:  2019


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