Riccardo Blumer

The skin as a boundary | BB chair

La pelle come limite


Space, map, limit, history, passage, sieve, metaphor: skin contains in itself many features and functions; it is the meeting point for physical and psychological phenomenons, the edge between the inside and the outside of a person. From surgery to acupuncture, to body art, to ritual practices like tattoos, skin is the mark of our passage in the world, of its meanings and vestiges.

In his Industrial Design workshops at the San Marino University, Riccardo Blumer asks to face the material “skin” with the aim of understanding its features, and causes a natural designing curiosity. As a result of these reflections, very special objects see the light. They have not been designed to be “manufactured”, since they are pure issues of research about form and material, essential starting points of design. This book includes texts by Blumer himself, Gaddo Morpurgo (San Marino University) and Luigi Zanzi (Insubria University)

isbn:  9788875702090

Languages:  Italian and English

Binding:  hardcover

Pages:  136

Width:  14,5

Height:  21

Edition:  2009


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