I Ludosofici

Tu chi sei?

Manuale di filosofia, domande ed esercizi per bambini e adulti curiosi


Who are you?
Easy, you are you!

The answer is simple, almost trivial: but are we sure this is really the case? Since the dawn of time, women and men have been confronted with this question, seeking answers in all fields. The Ludosofici also wanted to make their contribution, but it seems that they have made things even more complicated!

In fact, in this book they don't even give an answer but only ask questions. In this journey, however, they have been helped by many illustrious people who, like them, try to see the world from unusual perspectives: artists, graphic designers, illustrators and obviously philosophers: Socrates, Heraclitus, Deleuze, Nancy...

Everyone has helped in this task! In addition to many images accompanied by new questions (because they are never enough), there will also be short proposals for activities that will try to shed new light on possible answers, continuing to spur us on the search for new points of view.

isbn:  9788875704650

Illustrator:  Alberto Rebori

Languages:  Italian

Binding:  paperback stitched with long flaps

Pages:  112

Width:  15

Height:  21

Edition:  2014

Reprint:  second


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