Harriet Russell

Tu sei un artista


We are sure: you are an artist although you have never draw a line!

What are you waiting for, then? Take the pencil and let’s start!
You can finally pour out your creativity. Let yourself be guided by the suggestions of Harriet Russell and follow your inspiration. How? In all the possible and imaginable ways: you can draw with the food, print your wallpaper to build your own art gallery, write a futurist sonorous poetry or put in scene a famous painting...

You will discover that you are simply following great artists’ footprints like the ones of Masaccio, the Surrealists, Paul Klee, Escher, Rothko, Warhol...

isbn:  9788875707118

Languages:  Italian

Binding:  stitched binding

Pages:  96

Width:  19,5

Height:  25

Edition:  2018