Beppe Finessi, Cristina Miglio

Ultrabody | 208 opere tra arte e design

208 works between art and design


The body is a recurring theme in History of Art and a favourite subject in contemporary creativity – from design to architecture, fashion and decor.

Written by Beppe Finessi and published by Corraini Edizioni, Ultrabody offers a new and intriguing take on the topic of the body through a trans-disciplinary series of works embracing design, fashion, architecture and art. Investigating the relationship between body and space and the infinite ways of relating among people and the things and environment that surrounds them, the book explores 208 different types of “body”, from the most obvious to the more enigmatic and experimental, in a potential dictionary of authors, works and key words for our new Millennium.

The book, that accompanies the exhibition on show at Castello Sforzesco, Milan, includes details about each of the 208 works with special graphics by Leonardo Sonnoli. For the occasion the graphic artist has created a new typeface to suit the mood of the works.


This volume was selected by the ADI Permanent Design Observatory as an example of the best Italian design put into production.

isbn:  9788875703523

Book design:  Leonardo Sonnoli

Languages:  Italian and English

Binding:  hardcover

Pages:  256

Width:  17

Height:  24

Edition:  2012


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