Taro Gomi

Un anno di scarabocchi

Più di 365 pagine per divertirsi in tutte le stagioni


Wow! One page a day to draw and colour for a whole year, from the very first spring sunshine to the winter snow, together with Taro Gomi’s lively hints!

Simple drawings and a little bit of imagination can be enough to invent many funny tales, according to the tradition begun in 1990 with the first Scarabocchi, published for the first time in italy by Corraini in 2004.

Following the course of seasons, Taro Gomi proposes now a series of hints and suggestions taken from the natural world and everyday’s life, and sometimes from Japanese popular traditions, to be completed with drawings and colours to make each copy a unique book.

isbn:  9788875701307

Languages:  Italian

Binding:  glued binding with flaps

Pages:  378

Width:  21

Height:  20

Edition:  2007