Alessandro Sanna

Una casa, la mia casa


Two walls and a roof as a shelter. A home warms the hearts of the ones that live in it and shelters when it rains; it’s the place where one happily returns and where one feels “at home”.

Alessandro Sanna’s book re-creates the same atmosphere of warmth and serenity of being at home. Its shape, essential but immediate, appears in each page as starting point of a series of variations suggested by the image and imagination. The constant black image of home is “fulfilled” by the red illustrations, that create many possible illustrations: "home" turns into a "coffee-maker", or maybe some "trees" or eventually a "kite"...

This book is a poem written and drawn right after the earthquake in Abruzzo. It is dedicated to all those children in the world who have lost their "home".

isbn:  9788875702267

Languages:  Italian and English

Binding:  staples

Pages:  40

Width:  22

Height:  22

Edition:  2009

Reprint:  first


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