Monica Carmen, Orlando Lanza

Urban Node | Laboratory of Memory

Laboratorio della Memoria


Urban Node is a project of anthropological and cultural landscape research carried out in the Matese between 2005 and 2008.

The Matese is a mountainous area between the Italian regions of Campania and Molise. It is geographically close to the urban areas of Naples and Rome; yet, it is at the time “distant” from them in terms of cultural rhythms and historical problems. It is a complex, powerful yet fragile environment. The story of its inhabitants is dispersed in a multitude of fragments in the wake of the migrations from the beginning of 20th Century. As a consequence, the economic survival of these communities is being threatened, the abandonment of historical centres of towns and villages is more and more frequent, and the cultural and natural landscape is being damaged.

The aim of the project Urban Node is to analyse such tranformations, understand and interpret them in order to collaborate to a process of (re)contruction of a shared perception of space. Researches involved different means of expression (architecture, anthropology, social history and geography, photography, video and installation arts), selected the main elements the place offers and suggested personal means of manifestating and promoting them, so that they could be established as expressions of diversified aims. In concrete terms, the main subjects analysed have been: migrations, architecture and landscape restoration, survival of traditions, human and urban geography. The results merged into a “Laboratory of Memory”, a sort of tool through which the territory can be re-designed and re-thought: not simply a neutral backing for human activities but a dynamic resource resulting from the interaction of economic, social and cultural contributions in a local and global context.

The book includes texts by Michele Santoro, Monica Carmen, Orlando Lanza, Stalker - ON, Monica Codourey, Aleksandar Cetkovic, Iain Chambers, Lidia Curti, Annalisa Spedaliere, Ornella Albolino, Serena Guarracino, Sara Marinelli, Nicola Sorbo, Rosita Izzo, Gabriella Cundari, Maurizio Fraissinet, Tiziana Terranova, Cecilia Canziani, Angelika Burtscher.

isbn:  9788875702151

Curator:  Monica Carmen, Orlando Lanza

Book design:  Lupo Burtscher

Special process:  sovracopertina fustellata con alette

Languages:  Italian and English

Binding:  paperback

Pages:  216

Width:  19,5

Height:  27

Edition:  2008


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