Marco Zanuso Jr




"Out of all the projects I have worked on since the Eighties, I have chosen those which, for different reasons, seem to have been the most successful – even if I don’t believe they should ever be taken too seriously: even those tht have been finished and turned out well can eventually be resumed, developed, explored and interpreted again and again. I consider them all as, more or less, still open projects. Achille Castiglioni once said that he continued working on prototypes,making them over again, until at a certain point they had to take them away from him saying, 'Enough, now we can finally make this object!'. The 'unfinished' and 'almost finished', for me, are magical and have a special kind of beauty." Marco Zanuso Jr

Works is the collection of all the accomplished, finished or unfinished ideas that architect Marco Zanuso Jr has gathered up to now, with the inclusion of his 1973 thesis as introduction to the text. A journey made of words and images through the creative process of the architect, from the idea to the realization.

isbn:  9788875706302

Special process:  fustella

Languages:  Italian and English

Binding:  paperback

Pages:  144

Width:  21

Height:  25

Edition:  2017


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