Yoshiko Noda "Yocci"

Yocci's Menu

A Notebook of Japanese Recipes


A fresh and light-hearted approach to Japanese cuisine (and culture): it couldn’t be any other way if it’s Yocci, an illustrator born in Osaka who has made Italy her home, who is proposing the menu. In Yocci’s Menu. A Notebook of Japanese Recipes, her unmistakable drawings are accompanied by recipes written by Aya Yamamoto, from Gastronomia Yamamoto: it is an invitation to get into the kitchen and try out some of the most traditional Japanese dishes.

Divided into three sections (the dishes “that make up a table”, main courses and sweets), Yocci's Menu takes us on a fascinating and delicious journey: are you ready to try your hand at sansyoku-dango, pastel-coloured sweets? And do you know why renkon is considered a lucky vegetable? No more sandwiches in your bento: it's time to move on to inari-zushi.

In between the story of eating habits which are quite different to ours and an in-depth look at the main ingredients – all strictly hand-written by Yocci – it doesn’t take long for the most authentic Japanese cuisine to start sounding familiar to us.


This book is also available in Italian and Japanese.

isbn:  9788875707873

Languages:  English and Japanese (also available in Italian and Japanese)

Binding:  paperback stitched with flaps

Pages:  136

Width:  16

Height:  20

Edition:  2019


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