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A hardened smoker, a frightened look, eyes squeezed shut and face frowning in concentration, bows in a little girl’s hair or the rounded mouth of a dreamer. These are just some of the things you can make with the box brackets and curly brackets, apostrophes, lower and upper case letters that make up the wide range of typography available to us through the world of graphics.

Typefaces, i.e. faces created by using the infinite ways of combining font families and digital typography: for example the letter O of the Gotham font becomes the popping eyes of a tribal mask while Elementa commas turn into the eyes of a naughty child, the Benton f into the twisted mouth of a clumsy goon, two Replica ps create a look of wickedness. The FM graphics studio offers us 60 new ways of looking at glyphs, letters and symbols to heighten and stimulate the imaginatio

isbn:  9788875703318

Book Design:  Studio FM milano

Lingua:  inglese

Rilegatura:  brossura

Pagine:  128

Base:  13,5

Altezza:  18

Edizione:  2011


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