Barbara Brondi, Marco Rainò

IN Residence #3 | Visualising Transformation

Design Dialogues


After the first edition on the theme “Nature Through Artifice” and the second entitled “Matter Matters”, the attention of the IN Residence project is now focusing on the concept of “transformation” and the many ways it can be “visualized”.

Held at Turin’s Du Parc Residence, built in the early Seventies by architects Laura Petrazzini and Corrado Levi, a workshop with talented young international designers and even younger students has produced a plentiful exchange of ideas based on the concept of change, which reflects the tendency for metamorphosis typical to contemporary design objects. In the spirit of the research and experimentation that characterizes the In Residence project, the book explores the design process. Seen as one of the most sophisticated and powerful instruments for cultural communication currently available, the focus is on the idea of transformation and the central role this plays in today’s world.

The designers involved in “Visualising Transformation“ include: Tomás Alonso, Julien Carretero, Lanzavecchia+Wai, Minale-Maeda and Mischer’Traxler. The key moments of this experience are detailed in the DVD included.

Architects Barbara Brondi and Marco Rainò founded the brh+ architectural design practice, which also features design research in a more general sense. Their work unites project design with theory and criticism and they have been responsible for creating and directing numerous cultural projects. Among the most recent, in addition to IN Residence / Design Dialogues, is the sector of Artissima dedicated to contemporary design and the collective exhibition Over Design Over / Matter, Time and Nature in contemporary design.

isbn:  9788875702953

Curator:  Barbara Brondi, Marco Rainò

Book design:  brh+

Special process:  screenprinted and embossed cover plate, enclosed dvd

Languages:  Italian and English

Binding:  bodonian

Pages:  160

Width:  17

Height:  24

Edition:  2011


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