Andrea Zanzotto

La storia dello Zio Tonto

La storia del Barba Zhucon


It’s carnival time: a mother and his daughter feel like cooking homemade crepes but they don’t have a frying pan... A traditional never-ending story constructed through a text in Italian and Venetian dialect and around the images that appear and are repeated, thus creating a visual “never-ending book”.

Published for the first time in 1997, this volume was the result of a collaboration between Andrea Zanzotto and the venetian artist Marco Nereo Rotelli: a book illustated with blending and crossing images, a rielaboration from a story that belongs to the oral tradition of the Veneto area

isbn:  9788886250436

Illustrator:  Marco Nereo Rotelli

Special process:  die cut pages

Languages:  Italian and Venetian dialect

Binding:  paperback stitched with long flaps

Pages:  48

Width:  16

Height:  24

Edition:  1997

Reprint:  third


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