Barbara Brondi, Marco Rainò

IN Residence #4 | Sense Memory

Design Dialogues


Now in its fourth edition, after “Nature Through Artifice” (2008), “Matter Matters” (2009) and “Visualising Transformation” (2010), the IN Residence project confirms its objectives and its uncommon vitality as a research programme dedicated to contemporary design.

Besides promoting an open and constantly evolving model of teaching, the idea of an intensive workshop that connects some of the most talented young designers of their generation with a group of selected students has unleashed new energies in the field of training, learning and product design. Complementing the other titles in the series, the Diary reports on the outcome of the “Sense Memory” workshop. By exploring the relationship between perception, memory and emotional stimulus the workshop helped identify key elements in a programme that through the years has generated a considerable number of spin-offs associating experimentation with design ideas of great symbolic value but that at the same time are wholly practical.

The designers involved in “Sense Memory“ include: BCXSY, Maarten De Ceulaer, Pepe Heykoop, Daniel Rybakken, Studio Besau-Marguerre. A DVD accompanying the book includes highlights of the event. Architects Barbara Brondi and Marco Rainò are interested in experimenting with the process of design, theoretical research and critical commitment in the fields of architecture, graphics and contemporary design. 

isbn:  9788875703486

Curator:  Barbara Brondi, Marco Rainò

Book design:  brh+

Special process:  screenprinted cover plate, enclosed dvd

Languages:  Italian and English

Binding:  bodonian

Pages:  160

Width:  17

Height:  24

Edition:  2012


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