Via Savona 17/5
20144 MILANO


tel. +39 02 36584119
[email protected]
Opening hours:
from Monday to Saturday
15.00 - 19.30
Closed on Sunday

Those who are curious and passionate are welcome at via Savona 17/5, in the Tortona area in Milan: 121+ offers, in addition to the large catalogue of Corraini books, a constantly updated selection of books on design, architecture, art, photography, fashion, illustration, graphic design, cooking; an expression of the best in international publishing, from the Americas to the Far East. Here you can also discover a range of small designer objects, and particular attention is dedicated to children's books.
Tables and shelves form part of a temporary artist exhibition, made available by leading design companies who are participating in the project: in addition to books, you can also buy objects and home accessories.
The bookshop has a full calendar of workshops for children and adults, meetings and monthly readings, as well as small exhibitions and site-specific installations.
There are more than 121 good reasons to visit 121+. A bookshop inside the bookshop, a place to see what we do and, perhaps, find out why.