Alberto Munari, Donata Fabbri

Epic Thinking


A set of cards illustrating qualities, skills and possibilities to discover ourselves as protagonists in contemporary life and knowledge.

How do we behave in certain moments of our lives? How do we deal with passing moments of existence? What do we favour in our choices? What do we share in our relationships? Courage, a desire for adventure and exploration or rather fear, indecision and fatalism? Based on their experience as teachers and trainers, Donata Fabbri e Alberto Munari, this card game features highly evocative images by Elena Parisi ​that help us understand the different ways in which we approach our knowledge and life in this contemporary world. With a variety of involving games, we become aware of the different skills and qualities that we all have and we also may discover ourselves as protagonists of our lives. And, most of all, we also discover how to find and develop the characteristics of epic thinking. These cards can be used in many contexts (training, school, work, personal development, group work) and they allow us to identify the characteristics of epic thinking and to understand that all of us have already some aspect of it, often without being conscious of them, or knowing how to use and improve them. A fascinating and compelling discovery for cognitive growth, for personal development and for enriching our relationships.

EAN:  8033532910303

Languages:  Italian and English

Pieces:  40 cards and 24 pages booklet

Width:  12

Height:  16.5

Edition:  2015