Corrado Levi

Mes amis! Mes amis! | Clues to 100 20th-century Italian artists

Indizi su 100 artisti italiani del '900


It is reported that, just as he was about to die, Cardinal Richelieu asked to be taken to his art gallery where he exclaimed: “Ah, mes amis! Mes amis!” In this book Corrado Levi presents single works of art by 100 italian artists of the 20th century, plus some of the very present times, with whom he was tied by a close affinity or friendship. Without the aim of systematicity or completeness, but simply to go back over their richness, to live again the emotions and make them clear through the words. Each work of art is introduced by a short note, a few flying and meaningful words to describe an idea and a message. Mes amis! Mes amis! isn’t meant to be an art history handbook, but a collection of clues and hints to enter italian art of the 20th century through a very unexpected point of view.

isbn:  9788875700126

Languages:  Italian and English

Binding:  paperback stitched with long flaps

Pages:  256

Width:  12

Height:  19

Edition:  2007


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