Thirty years later, Bruno Munari’s Gilet is back in a limited edition of 200, handmade pieces made from upcycled fabrics - embodying the great artist and designer’s creative spirit.


It all started with a simple request: "We need a way of displaying the books."
Corraini and Bruno Munari presented some works from the new "Block Notes" collection back in '92. It was a loose collection of ideas and projects in a pocket-sized book format, with holes in the cover to spark readers' interest.
Munari figured out a unique way to show off the books, a gilet with many pockets of different sizes, each with assorted textures and shades.



“We asked Munari to devise a display stand for all the books, and he came up with a gilet, which was even better! It shows well how important it was for him to learn and understand through all five senses, from sight to touch.
He designed the gilet using all sorts of fabrics to create varied textures and an interesting tactile sensation.”

Maurizio Corraini



Three decades later, we're honouring the Munari Gilet with a new version featuring pockets of all sizes. The blue from the original remains while grey switches to pink. It's crafted with upcycled fabrics and yarns - from vintage jeans to TENCEL™ Luxe and REFIBRA™.
This project results from a collaboration between Corraini and Blue of a Kind - a fashion design studio that sources quality used fabrics to craft their own apparel.


Inside the box, along with the gilet, you'll find a booklet explaining its history and some of Munari’s books to slip in your pockets.

The objects in the picture are only demonstrative and may differ slightly.


In partnership with:


Blue of a Kind is a high-end, native digital fashion design studio with a strong focus on sustainability. Nothing used in the production process is created for this specific purpose: everything is reused.

"Real creativity flourishes where there are limitations."

Blue of a Kind combines the logic of reuse with an entirely circular business model and design, creating its garments with their potential reuse in mind. All products are manufactured in Italy, a few dozen kilometres from the Milan headquarters.

The Lenzing Group goes beyond its role as a traditional fiber producer and stands for the environmentally responsible production of special fibers derived from wood.
Fibers are produced in line with a clear vision, to achieve a zero-carbon future, through the efficient use and processing of all raw materials. The TENCEL™ fibers and the TENCEL™ Luxe yarn we have chosen, create infinite possibilities: fibers and filaments used under the TENCEL™ brand are produced via environmentally responsible production processes and are derived from wood grown in renewable and sustainably managed forests that offers a sustainable solution for fabrics and the fashion industry.

TENCEL™ is a trademark of Lenzing AG.

Under the patronage of Cittadellarte


The Gilet Munari 1992/2023 is manufactured with:


Candiani Spa – one of the most renowned manufacturers in terms of sustainability in the denim industry. It supplied 'Regen' denim made from recycled denim and TENCEL™ REFIBRA™, for a 100% recycled product.

Filatura Astro – supplied the recycled cotton yarn TENCEL™.

CadicaGroup – a manufacturer of fashion accessories with a strong focus on sustainability: it supplied the labels in recycled cotton and the tags in 100% regenerated materia.

Lampo – supplied all the hinges, some in recycled polyester (GRS-certified), others made from polyester already in their warehouse. The electroplating is nickel-free and all production is km0.

Destro by Eurotessile – produced and supplied the fabric with TENCEL™ recycled cotton yarn.

Officina +39 – a chemical company for the textile industry at the forefront of sustainability: it supplied RECYCROM™, an innovative sustainable and circular process/product that uses the colour of old cotton garments and processing residues, pulverised.

Gianni Crespi Foderami – provided the TENCEL™ Luxe lining.


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