Roberto Sassi

I pomeriggi della domenica

Vite vagabonde di Emil Szittya e Lajos Kassák


Emil Szittya and Lajos Kassák met when they were very young, in the summer of 1909, as they set off on a rambling walking tour across Europe. They were just twenty-two years old when they met. Szittya already knew a lot about the world, Kassák decidedly less so. They arrived in Paris together after months of walking, and their picaresque journey forms the heart of this book. Yes, because the two protagonists of this book were not only unlucky artists, albeit in different ways, but also vagabonds of the first order.

"... a destiny that invariably led them to lose their way in the most impeccable execution of 'travelling by mistake'. Losing your way because you don't want to find it".
Gian Piero Piretto

isbn:  9783949042041

Illustrator:  Francesca Dimanuele

Published by:  RAUM Italic

Languages:  Italian

Binding:  paperback stitched with flaps

Pages:  96

Width:  11,5

Height:  16

Edition:  2022


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