Anna Steiner

Licalbe Steiner

Grafici partigiani


“Lica and Albe Steiner were partisans in the resistance and continued to see themselves as partisans of freedom and culture, considering their profession the best instrument to fight for the freedom of expression. Their personal story, their intellectual union made them seem so inseparable that they were called “Licalbe” by themselves and by friends, a single identity.”

Licalbe Steiner. Grafici partigiani is the book that accompanies the exhibition of the same name at the Museo del 900 in Milan, a panorama of the work of one of the most fruitful personal and professional partnerships in Italian graphic design: research in graphic design and photo graphics, publishing, magazines, advertising and exhibition setups, brands, product presentation, political graphics and professional training, before reaching the moment in which Lica re-establishes herself from 1974, the year of Albe’s passing, to her own death in 2008.

isbn:  9788875705381

Book design:  Studio Origoni Steiner

Languages:  Italian

Binding:  stitched binding

Pages:  240

Width:  20

Height:  13

Edition:  2015