Hans Leo Höger, Alessandro Narduzzo, Kuno Prey

Microstorie di innovazione e impresa

Tredici incontri tra design e management


Over the years, design and business have undertaken paths that have led to the development of practices and interactions between the two disciplines, creating a field of open relationships that are linked to the mutual influences between creativity and management, invention and innovation.

The desire to show these dynamics and answer the questions posed by young designers approaching the job market led to the creation of a series of conferences organized together with the Libera Università di Bolzano, from which this book takes its title, edited by Hans Leo Höger, Alessandro Narduzzo and Kuno Prey with graphic design by Mariagiovanna Di Iorio.

In the choice of the projects examined in detail, we wanted to give space to thirteen cases in which a two-part narrative emerges between the two distinct professions of designer and business manager, highlighting the points of harmony and conflict in the origin, development and evolution of a design.

isbn:  9788875707231

Curator:  Hans Leo Höger, Alessandro Narduzzo, Kuno Prey

Book design:  Mariagiovanna Di Iorio

Special process:  piatto superiore di diversa dimensione

Languages:  Italian

Binding:  stitched binding

Pages:  124

Width:  12

Height:  19,5

Edition:  2018


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