Luca Boscardin

Same difference | A different kind of memory game

Siamo tutt* pari | Un memory diverso


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We’re all the same, aren’t we? Or maybe we’re all different? Let’s play
around with that idea!

Sparking ideas, debates and discussions on inclusivity and equality, this
memory game helps us recognize both the things we all have in common and
the individual features that make everyone unique.

Luca Boscardin – toy designer, graphic designer and illustrator – created “a diverse memorygame” for Corraini Edizioni: 54 cards with illustrations of body parts, to learn about each other through our similarities and differences.

How do you play it? The aim is not to match two identical images, as in a
traditional memory game, but two cards representing the same part of two
different bodies: two hands, two nostrils, two knees and so on. To make it even
more interesting, some cards have more than one possible match.

EAN:  8033532910631

Languages:  Italian and English

Pieces:  54

Width:  22,5

Height:  22,5

Edition:  2022


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