Bruno Munari

MC1 Architecture Box


Originally produced in 1945, the MC 1 Architecture Box - New Edition contains a series of “bricks” of different shapes. Put together differently, you can make any number of buildings, from houses to churches, ancient castles to modern garages, hotels, skyscrapers, factories, towers, aqueducts, temples, stations, hangars, pile dwellings, houses with porticoes, balconies, terraces, and so on.


The attached booklet contains over sixty examples which can be multiplied by the imagination of whoever is playing with them, just some of the infinite constructions that can be build.
The MC 1 Architecture Box - New Edition is made of cardboard. This new edition features “bricks” made of unhewn beechwood.

EAN:  8033532910396

Languages:  Italian and English

Width:  43

Height:  13

Edition:  2018


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