Giacomo Bianco



For two centuries now, the Lagoon has appeared as a mere spectacle; continually defaced by projects that promise the salvation of the city of Venice at the expense of its extremely fragile morphology.

UMANALACUNA seeks, therefore, to restore water to its lost role by utopising a voluntary sinking of the city of Venice, which will become home to an ecosystem of amphibious inhabitants capable once again of living off water and in harmony with it. Through this reversal of perspective, the Lagoon of Venice thus returns to take on an active role: allowing the contemporary mnemonic lacuna that upset its hydrodynamic equilibrium to be overcome.

The cavity/shortage [from the Latin lacuna "lagoon; cavity; lack", der. of lacus "lake"] becomes, therefore, an empty design space: a fabulisto place capable of imagining futures of communion between species and the water element.

isbn:  9791254930779

With:  ISIA Urbino

Languages:  English

Binding:  glued binding

Pages:  120

Width:  20,5

Height:  29

Edition:  2023


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