Bruno Munari

Verbale scritto


To complicate is simple, to simplify is complicated. In order to complicate, you just need to add something, whatever you wish: colours, shapes, actions, decorations, characters, environments full of odds and ends. Everybody is able to complicate. Only a few can simplify. Bruno Munari

Verbale scritto is a collection of some short texts by Munari, taken from many of hs books. From the aphorisms to the Japanese haiku, Munari’s verbal inventions create sparkles in every direction and about many subjects: from art to design, to common non-usable thing to everyday objects.

First published in 1992 by Il melangolo, Verbale scritto is divided into 5 sections (Promemoria, Teoremi, Canzoni, Pensare confonde le idee and Due autobiografie), that reproduce hints taken from other books by Munari following the ways of his personal imagination.

isbn:  9788875701871

Languages:  Italian

Binding:  paperback stitched with long flaps

Pages:  84

Width:  12

Height:  19

Edition:  2008

Reprint:  fourth


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