Maria Cristina Tommasini

ADI Design Index 2012


ADI Design Index is the annual publication of the Association for Industrial Design, which groups together the best Italian design put into production and chosen by the Permanent Observatory of Design ADI.

The selection includes products or product systems for each product category, theoretical and critical research, and process or business research applied to design. Once again, the innovative design of the volume bears the signature of the studio Zup Associati: a layout reliant on QR interactive codes for consulting the book, allowing new opportunities for communication for the benefit of all those selected. And then, infographics, images, texts and reasoned contributions from Luisa Bocchietto, Mino Politi, Lara Bezzecchi, Kuno Prey, Fulvio Carmagnola, Vittorio Marchis, Giovanni F. Casucci and Stefano Micelli. "Il progetto ci salverà" (Design can save us) is the title of the text by Luisa Bocchietto,  president of ADI: "In the same way that it is possible to design material objects and products, it’s also possible to design new living systems."

In this light ADI is therefore presented as a sort of little social experiment, a field of intellectual reflection related to material culture. In short, a place, but also a precious opportunity to think, imagine and design. It is that same visionary and revolutionary spirit of Italian design we find in ADI Design Index 2012. ADI Design Index 2012 is published by Corraini Edizioni, as are ADI XXII Compasso d'Oro 2011,  ADI Targa Giovani 2011 and ADI Design Index 2011.

isbn:  9788875703653

Curator:  Maria Cristina Tommasini

Book design:  ZUP

With:  ADI Associazione per il Disegno Industriale

Special process:  different coloured papers

Languages:  Italian and English

Binding:  paperback stitched with flaps

Pages:  352

Width:  22

Height:  24

Edition:  2012


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