Gerlinde Meyer

Il piccolo libro degli animali blu


Think of an animal... is it big or small? Does it have wings? Does it live in the sea?
Does it have hooves?
What color is it?!

Here are first five in a series of small chromatic bestiaries illustrated by Halina Kirschner, Gerlinde Meyer, Nadine Prange and Katja Spitzerche have selected some animals based on one criterion: color!

Our planet is populated by wonderful, incredibly special creatures. Some are familiar to us, we know them, we touch them, they live with us, otherswe have never seen them, they inhabit distant lands.Some are tiny, some huge, some poisonous, some tame, some more common and some legendary.

Each drawing is accompanied by curious and special information: an invitation to lay an unusual and attentive gaze on our planet, to observe it even in aspects that we had not immediately considered.


isbn:  9783949042225

Published by:  RAUM Italic

Languages:  Italian

Binding:  paperback

Pages:  32

Width:  14,8

Height:  10,5

Edition:  2024


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