Antonio Biasiucci

Museo delle Civiltà, Roma

Other gazes series


With Other gazes, a book series promoted by the Directorate-General of Museums of the Ministry of Culture, we embark on a photographic journey through Italy’s museum landscapes: archaeological areas, house museums, monuments and museums in the most traditional sense are offered to the lens of great photographers. A series – curated by art historian Maura Picciau – to explore Italy’s lesser-known museums and places through the eyes of great photographers and the words of writers and critics, and rediscover the Italian artistic heritage with other gazes.

Located in two symmetrical buildings, the Palace of Science and the Palace of Arts and Traditions, the Museum of Civilizations (declined in the plural) collects multiple histories of human beings and other living species, from the earliest times to contemporary times. The collections-comprising some two million works and documents-and the relationship between different disciplines-archaeology, anthropology, ethnography, art history and earth sciences-define the encyclopedic coordinates of a museum "of" and "about" museums, in which a radical revision of research, cataloging, display and sharing criteria is underway, with the aim of understanding whether, and how, a contemporary anthropological museum can operate.

Antonio Biasiucci's gaze accompanies us among the mortal remains of humans and animals, using these artifacts as an active laboratory to construct an extraordinary journey, in search of a continuous and profound dialogue with each subject.

isbn:  9791254930533

Curator:  Maura Picciau

Book design:  Francesco Delrosso, Jonathan Pierini

Languages:  Italian and English

Binding:  raw-cutted hardcover

Pages:  64

Width:  24

Height:  30

Edition:  2023


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