Armin Linke

Certosa di San Martino, Napoli

Other gazes series


With Other gazes, a book series promoted by the Directorate-General of Museums of the Ministry of Culture, we embark on a photographic journey through Italy’s museum landscapes: archaeological areas, house museums, monuments and museums in the most traditional sense are offered to the lens of great photographers. A series – curated by art historian Maura Picciau – to explore Italy’s lesser-known museums and places through the eyes of great photographers and the words of writers and critics, and rediscover the Italian artistic heritage with other gazes.

In Stratigraphic choirs, internationally renowned photographer Armin Linke delves into the chronological, architectural and historical diversity of the Certosa di San Martino in Naples. The Certosa rises above the city like an Acropolis, marking its landscape and historical identity: in this deliberately dynamic and almost cinematographic photographic sequence, Linke translates the coexistence of people, objects, architectural structures and historical events of the unique city in Italy and the world for the reader, a city whose history is housed in its very own Certosa Museum.

With a light-hearted and dreamlike tone, Silvio Perrella invites the reader to venture up to the Certosa to admire the city and its Gulf that stretch out at their feet. Barbara Casavecchia comments Linke’s shots and artistic language starting from a personal experience: an original story that delivers a focused analysis of this high-value visual project.

isbn:  9791254930540

Curator:  Maura Picciau

Book design:  Francesco Delrosso, Jonathan Pierini

Languages:  Italian and English

Binding:  raw-cutted hardcover

Pages:  96

Width:  24

Height:  30

Edition:  2023


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