François Burkhardt

Dall'unità alle diversità

Scritti su architettura, design, arte e artigianato


Through a continuous analysis and revision of the historical-critical aspects
and theoretical apparatuses of architecture and design, François Burkhardt
highlights the need to combine the search for aesthetic quality and the ethical dimension of design.

This principle, declined in a different way each time, is throughout the articles collected in Dall’unità alle diversità. Scritti su architettura, design, arte e artigianato and written by Burkhardt during his career as a lecturer, historian and critic of architecture and design.

According to Burkhardt, today's increasingly elusive reality calls for more complex and interdisciplinary methods of approaching design that can address new forms of production and consumption that take into account diverse cultural identities and are socially and ecologically sustainable.

A number of recurring themes emerge in this volume, designed by Italo Lupi: the dialectical relationship between globalization and regionalism; the correlations between craft and design; and the role of the avant-garde in the renewal of aesthetic languages. Common to all the articles is the interpretation of design as a critical exercise that must maintain on its horizon an ideal perspective of reference that allows design choices to make sense and meaning.

isbn:  9791254930458

Book design:  Italo Lupi

Languages:  Italian

Binding:  paperback stitched with flaps

Pages:  528

Width:  17

Height:  24

First Edition:  2023


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