Andrés López



Rocco is a crocodile that swims like a crocodile, moves like a crocodile, and eats like any other crocodile-or at least tries to. How, on the other hand, would a crocodile like Rocco get out of the way if he fell into a very deep hole? In a dense jungle and its underground, to the rhythm of Andrés López's brushstrokes, unfolds the adventure of the crocodile Rocco, who, with the help of other animals, tries by all means to get out of the trap in which he has gotten himself into. A bittersweet book that with its delicacy in the ending snatches a smile of relief.... But perhaps not for the little possum....

isbn:  9783949042201

Published by:  RAUM Italic

Languages:  Italian

Binding:  raw-cutted hardcover

Pages:  40

Width:  15

Height:  22,5

Edition:  2023


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