Fausto Gilberti

The circus of the dwarf and the bearded lady


What happens when a dwarf and a bearded woman meet and get married? They start a family and even a circus. Their 11 children are all different from each other and obviously none of them is “normal.”

Fred is both incredibly tiny and strong, while Piera is so big she can't even move. One of Melino's ears is overgrown, so that he has impressive hearing abilities. Last but not least, Pompeo: he doesn't really exist, but everyone firmly believes he's invisible.

A peculiar family that sets up an amazing circus, where diversity becomes an added value.

The circus of the dwarf and the bearded lady is a gallery of these characters’ bizarre portraits, where oddities are something to be proud rather than ashamed of. The latest picture book by Fausto Gilberti is an ironic and joyful ode to diversity that states a simple truth: the weirder, the better!


This book is also available in Italian.

isbn:  9788875707132

Languages:  English (also available in Italian)

Binding:  hardcover

Pages:  48

Width:  21

Height:  28

Edition:  2018


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