Federico Maggioni

Camicia rossa


Federico Maggioni’s depiction of Giuseppe Garibaldi’s heroic undertaking is filled with maniples of fanatical sports supporters, advertising posters about unification and other original revamping. Garibaldi’s legendary speeches become collector’s vinyl records, his red shirt a piece of haute couture, while the Italian flag inspires Italian-style sneakers and cornflakes ... With humour and imagination, the life of Garibaldi – his marriage, wounding in Aspromonte, the expedition of the 1000 – are recounted in a highly original array of advertising and commemorative items. 

The book pays humorous homage to Garibaldi’s enormous feat to unify Italy. It celebrates 150 years of our history and flag: “white like lemon ice cream, green like mint water-ice, red like raspberry jam”.  Camicia Rossa" is the new title in the collection “22”.

From an idea of the historical collection “Tantibambini”, directed by Bruno Munari for Einaudi from 1972 to 1978, collection “22” is a publishing project dedicated to children’s books that features historical masters like Bruno Munari, Pino Tovaglia and Giancarlo Iliprandi, important authors like Federico Maggioni, Davide Longo and Chiara Carrer as well as young talented illustrators such as Katrin Stangl, Oscar Bolton Green and Joanna Neborsky. 

isbn:  9788875702984

Languages:  Italian

Binding:  staples

Pages:  24

Width:  22

Height:  22

Edition:  2011


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