Noemi Vola, Sabina Italiano

Glass Rhymes

Filastrocche di vetro


Glasses, lightbulbs and vases. But also mirrors, windows and beads.

“Touch it, it’s cold! You won’t believe it but a hand and fire made it”. So many things are made of glass, this magic element that keeps on changing in whatever a man’s imagination shapes it. Glass Rhymes is a four-handed book: Sabina Italiano chose the words, putting them together in 8 nursery ryhmes which tell the enchantement of glass of every-day objects to children and adults. Noemi Vola drew them, giving colours and fantasy to this stronlgy pomoted edition by Artsystem, a Venetian industry working in the cultural and educational field. The book has the patronage of LE STANZE DEL VETRO, a cultural project by the Giorgio Cini Foundation of  Venice, and of the Pentagram Stiftung for the enhancement of XX century and contemporary glass art. The aim is to bring the glass at the centre of the international art scene’s debate.

isbn:  9788875706784

Illustrator:  Noemi Vola

Languages:  Italian and English

Binding:  singer stitch binding

Pages:  24

Width:  15

Height:  15

Edition:  2017


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