Federico Maggioni, Luca Scarlini

Gli angeli arrivano da Oriente

Un racconto dell’Annunciazione


Mary’s unimaginable journey to the world is the plot of this book.

An Annunciation told in words and images, where nomadism is the rule: everyone in biblical facts and apocryphal scriptures must flee, change countries, seek salvation elsewhere, in a bloody age when there is no mercy even for infants. Traversing ancient myths from other cultures and following the Magi's journey of revelation, Gli angeli arrivano da Oriente (The Angels Come from the East) tells one of the basic stories of world history with a fresh twist, from the point of view of the wise lady of Nazareth.

The book is illustrated by Federico Maggioni, who depicts the human and the divine with sacredness and a touch of irony, and written by eclectic writer and playwright Luca Scarlini, which makes a well-known story into an intimate and universal tale. At the end of the book, you’ll find a list of fifteen music suggestions to accompany the reading.

isbn:  9791254930281

Languages:  Italian

Binding:  paperback stitched with long flaps

Pages:  64

Width:  16,5

Height:  19,5

Edition:  2022


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