Steven Guarnaccia

Il Museo del Niente


But who says that "Nothing" is not something wonderful instead?

Imagine a library where all the books have empty pages, a painting of a polar bear in a snowstorm, the statue of the invisible man as the main attraction of "Nobody Room," and then the room dedicated to holes...the ones in donuts, in cheese, in buttons...and watch out for that giant black hole that could swallow you all! In this book written and illustrated by Steven Guarnaccia, readers young and old can explore all the rooms of the “Museum of Nothing” together with Octavia and Otto, two curious children fascinated by all kinds of... well, Nothing. A book that entertains and suggests that we take a good look at what seems like a huge nothingness, because sometimes we might find that it is instead extraordinarily full!

isbn:  9791254930915

Languages:  Italian

Binding:  hardcover

Pages:  48

Width:  21

Height:  28,5

Edition:  2024


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