Taro Gomi

Scarabocchi e cartoline


"When you become able to draw, you want to show them to someone else..." tells us Taro Gomi with his new Scarabocchi e cartoline. A book all made of postcards to draw and send.

For a birthday, for Christmas, to show your heart, to invite a friend to your home... every occasion is good to make people remind you with a very original postcard!

From the fantasy of Taro Gomi, genial Japanese illustrator very well known and appreciated in Italy for his books Scarabocchi and (Ancora) Scarabocchi, another book that will amaze everybody for its freshness and easyness in communicating.

isbn:  9788875700263

Special process:  tearable postcards

Languages:  Italian

Binding:  glued binding

Pages:  132

Width:  15

Height:  10,5

Edition:  2006

Reprint:  first