David Duff

Il giorno in cui la luna e la terra litigarono


The Moon and the Earth had an argument. After 4.5 billion years, the Moon decides it has had enough, and leaves. Thus begins a long journey through the solar system, and from scorching Venus to giant Jupiter, the Moon, looking forward to making new friends, discovers many planets, each one different from the other.
There's big blue Neptune and stinky Uranus and hilarious Saturn and gorgeous Mars... but among those who already have far too many satellites, those who are too hot, those who are too cold, there seems to be no one really suitable for her. When she reaches the cold and lonely outer regions of the Solar System, she begins to wonder if a new friendship will ever measure up to the one she had with Earth.
Il giorno in cui la Luna e la Terra litigarono (The day Moon and Earth had an argument) is a children's book that is also an ironic parody of love relationships, with a fun and practical review of the planets and their characteristics, enhanced in the finale by further scientific explanations of the moon's orbits and the solar system.

isbn:  9791254930656

Illustrator:  Noemi Vola

Languages:  Italian

Binding:  hardcover

Pages:  36

Width:  19,7

Height:  28

Edition:  2023


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