Micaela Chirif, Ignacio Medina

Che Sapore Ha?


How nice that things taste sour, salty, sweet, bitter, umami. So we can distinguish what we like from what we don't like, what we eat, from what we don't eat, because a shoe and a fried egg are not the same thing.

Co-written by Micaela Chirif and food critic Ignacio Medina, with illustrations by Andrea Antinori, this book makes us discover flavor... in all its forms, colors and smells! Yes, because taste is closely connected to all the other senses, chocolate without smell would not taste the same, and it is not the same to eat a solid, chewy, smooth or rough food. And what about color? Blue foods are very few, and what does the red taste like? Does it taste like strawberries? Does it taste like watermelon?

Starting with the anteater's tongue (which can collect up to 35,000 ants in one go!) and moving from the elephant's super-sensitive tongue to the chameleon's super-fast tongue, Che sapore ha? (What does it taste like?) invites us to savor the world around us, awakening our desire to learn more about how our tongue and all our senses work.

isbn:  9791254930595

Illustrator:  Andrea Antinori

Languages:  Italian

Binding:  hardcover

Pages:  84

Width:  17

Height:  24

Edition:  2023


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