Keri Smith

Piccolo manuale dei grandi sbagli


All your life you have been told to avoid clutter, to try to keep everything under control, to colour within the lines, to make everything perfect and to avoid contact with staining substances at all costs. This book asks you to do exactly the opposite. Think of it as your playroom, a place to explode, let yourself go, a place to mess up where you can do everything you're not allowed to do in the "real world". It's time to make a mess.

Three rules to keep in mind: 1. Don't try to make something beautiful. 2. Don't think too much (there's no such thing as "wrong"). 3. Continue, whatever it takes.

Following Come diventare un esploratore del mondo, Finisci questo libro and Questo non è un libro, Piccolo manuale dei grandi sbagli is the latest book by Keri Smith published by Corraini.

isbn:  9788875704612

Languages:  Italian

Binding:  stitched binding

Pages:  224

Width:  17

Height:  22

Edition:  2014

Reprint:  fourth


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