Yoshiko Noda "Yocci"

Come si fa tortellini


Granny Antonia lives in Pianoro, a small town near Bologna. She is a tortellini expertYocci too lives in Pianoro and she has come all the way from Japan to learn the recipe of this typical Italian dish.

From the close collaboration between granny Antonia and the Japanese illustrator, Corraini Edizioni created this table mat that, step by step, illustrates and explains hand-made tortellini recipe, in Italian and Japanese.

Whether you use it for breakfast, lunch or hang it on the wall, Yocci's table mat is a delicious tribute to a wonderful variety of stuffed pasta that today Yocci cooks for family and friends!

EAN:  8033532910167

Material:  cotton

Width:  51

Height:  38

Edition:  2012


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